Boutique Hotel Program exceeds 200 members – Launching a new communication strategy

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels  (HCH) presented  to the media  the new brand identity and slogan  of its  “Boutique Hotel” certification program in a dedicated media event held on the 14th of February. Under the overarching theme of “Love to host you” the HCH unveiled the new communication identity, marking the commencement of a dynamic phase in expanding its program counting today more than 200 certified hotels across the country. The event, showcasing the strategy and creative essence behind the rejuvenation of the Boutique Hotel brand, took place at “Amalias 36” the Historical Lykiardopoulos Mansion in Athens. Noteworthy attendees included representatives from the media and hotels – Members of the Boutique Hotel program.

Highlighting the “Boutique Hotel” as the official certification seal of small hotels distinguished by unparalleled aesthetics and innovative services, the HCH representatives emphasized its position as the Greece’s premier community of exclusive hotels. The presentation underscored the program’s remarkable growth, boasting over 200 members, prompting the need for a new communication strategy targeting both domestic and international tourist markets. This strategy aims to enhance benefits and visibility for hoteliers, underscoring the significance of certification as a key criterion for modern travelers seeking a high-quality and unique tourist experience.

The Boutique Hotel program, managed by the HCH, offers a comprehensive package, including a certification process and privileges for its members. These privileges range from the possibility of upgrading to a star category and development opportunities through professional contacts (B2B forum) to organized participation in international tourism exhibitions, advertising campaigns, visibility in online portals and social media, as well as participation in specialized workshops.

Aligned with the communication strategy of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which centers on fostering a sense of community among Boutique Hotels members, a big family that reacts, shares experiences, and communicates, Mr. Marios Linakis, head of Sputnik Design Team | Linakis Digital, drew inspiration from the Greek tradition of hospitality. He presented the new communication identity, emphasizing that hospitality in Greece is not just a practice but a tradition, an act of generosity ingrained in the soul of the people—a warmth reflected in their smiles and authentic welcomes. He noted, “When you fall in love, the bond is deep and strong”.

The program’s new logo, featuring the initial B, forms a heart with a warm Greek welcome that transcends borders, symbolizing hospitality that travels around the world.

The program’s Executives, Ms. Christina Tetradis, Vice President of the HCH, Ms. Aimilia Vlami, Scientific Manager of the Program, and Ms. Maria Tzannou, Marketing Consultant of the Program, set the tone for upcoming events, highlighting the imminent return of the B2B Forum with a revamped concept, post the years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

President of HCH, Mr. Alexandros Vassilikos, affirmed, “The significant increase in Program Members validates the Chamber’s strategy and vision to support and spotlight businesses offering upgraded and quality services in a market seeking a diversified tourism product. Greek hotels are now asserting themselves against internationally renowned brands, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the GNTO, we will promptly initiate organized and targeted actions to promote our members’ community in international tourist markets”.

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