Boutique Hotel Program Hosts Successful B2B Event and Familiarization Trip


Under the main message “Love to Host You,” the Boutique Hotel Program of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels hosted 23 distinguished digital content creators in Athens from June 11-13. On Wednesday, June 12, the program organized a familiarization trip to Hydra, supported by the island’s Hotel Association. Influencers and content creators, recognized for their role in promoting tourism destinations, explored Hydra’s offerings and produced high-quality digital content inspired by the island’s charm.

On Thursday, June 13, the Boutique Hotel hosted a B2B event titled “Networking with Digital Content Creators: Be Inspired, Learn, Grow Your Business” at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens. This event provided an exceptional platform for over 200 member hotels to engage with top digital content creators from Belgium, France, Serbia, Germany, the UK, Hungary, and Greece. Attendees were motivated by content creation practices tailored for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Participants gained insights into the impact of AI on hotel operations and promotion, while engaging in numerous B2B meetings to explore collaboration opportunities with content creators. Esteemed AI expert Mr. Theodoros Moulos delivered a compelling presentation on how AI can enhance the growth and visibility of hotel businesses.

Throughout the event, Boutique Hotel members had the opportunity to:

  • Get Inspired: Learn effective content creation practices for various social networking platforms.
  • Get Educated: Understand the transformative changes AI brings to hotel operations and promotion.
  • Network: Participate in B2B meetings and explore collaboration opportunities with content creators.

Ms. Aimilia Vlami, manager of the Boutique Hotel program, emphasized the growing membership of the program, noting that more hotels are recognizing the benefits of joining the Boutique Hotels community. She highlighted the event as the beginning of the new Boutique Hotel brand, “Greek Heart,” as it starts its global journey.

Commenting on the program, the President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Mr. Alexandros Vasilikos, said: “Based on the main message of the Boutique Hotel program campaign ‘Love to Host You,’ we had the pleasure of hosting 23 distinguished digital content creators in Athens. Their compelling images, videos, and narratives inspire travelers to explore new experiences in tourist accommodation. With this B2B event, the Boutique Hotel program reaffirms its commitment to informing, educating, and promoting its member hotels.”

The event not only strengthened connections within the hotel industry but also set the stage for future collaborations that can drive innovation and growth. As digital content continues to shape the landscape of hospitality, events like these are crucial in helping hotels stay ahead of the curve and leverage new technologies to enhance guest experiences.