Our Philosophy

Boutique hotel trademark is a program initiated and run by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Its ultimate goal is the qualitative upgrade and the enhancement of the competitiveness of the Greek tourism and hospitality industry.

The “Boutique Hotel” of HCH is designed as the seal of quality and differentiation for independent Greek small hotels with distinctive design and exceptional services. Every single hotel is reliably certified, based on a range of criteria to guarantee guests a unique accommodation experience. As a result, the creation of a new community of inspired small hotels in Greece for demanding travelers all over the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is prescribed by a select group of leading architects, designers, managers and hoteliers with great insight. It is these people who fuel our drive and are those who are in a position to transform the hospitality sector by influencing the way the 21st-century traveler chooses a hotel, ultimately setting the trends in the field of tourism. Our paragons are small hotels that have strong identities & discernable differentiation factors in terms of their Aesthetics, Facilities, and Services.

Every hotel that bears our official stamp as a “Boutique Hotel”, is, by definition, different than the rest, however, at the same time, all the certified hotels share the following common characteristics:

Small size

Particular aesthetic

Unique facilities & services

Our Mission

The mission of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels is the development and promotion of small hotels in Greece, which have invested in providing a unique stay experience for their guests.

The “Boutique Hotel” program aspires to showcase the innovative attempts of design and the development of new hospitality services in our country.


About the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH)