The Boutique Hotel Program in Χenia exhibition 2023

New identity, membership increase and multiple events won visitor's interest in Xenia 2023

With the main message “Love to host you”, the BOUTIQUE HOTEL Program participated in the XENIA 2023 exhibition, inviting those who wish to be active in the field of hospitality and meet the requirements to join the Boutique Hotels community, which now numbers over 180 members.

In this light, the emblematic action of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels was presented in an elegant stand that gathered a large number of visitors, where the renewed communication identity and the number of privileges offered to the members of the program were shown.

Positive impressions were made by the “Dialogues”, the event held during the exhibition with the main theme:

“Boutique Hotel discusses authenticity – The value of place in architectural design, food, culinary tradition and experiential hospitality experience”, where guest speakers, distinguished professionals, professors and entrepreneurs from the tourism and hospitality sectors conveyed their experiences through interactive dialogues and kept the audience’s interest undiminished. In particular, the architect Mr. Panagiotis Tombras, founder of the company Top Mentor Consultants, the professor of Harokopei University Mr. Giorgos Boskus, Mrs. Anna Maria Barou, bespoke breakfast consultant and food stylist, together with the owners of the Boutique Hotels Mr. Filareto Psimmeno , Amanita guesthouse – Pelion, Ms. Maria Kladaki, Orloff Boutique Hotel – Hydra and Mr. Stelios Mantzari, Varos Village – Limnos lent their expertise and good practices to the “boutique” accommodation experience, in order to connect it with the destination’s identity, authentic experiences and sustainable tourism development.

In addition, tourism and hospitality students from Public Vocational Training Institutes of Piraeus, Acharna and Agios Dimitrios visited the stand. Afterwards, Mrs. Christina Tetradis, vice-president of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, addressed a greeting, Mrs. Emilia Vlami defined the framework of the Boutique Hotel program, Mrs. Maria Tzannou presented its new identity and Mrs. Katerina Saridaki highlighted the possibilities of developing new innovative technological companies active in the hotel sector industry.

It should be noted that the stand was visited by the president of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and president of HOTREC, Mr. Alexandros Vasilikos, as well as members of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

In particular, the president of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Mr. Alexandros Vassilikos emphasized the following: “The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels contributes dynamically to the national effort to support the economy, sustainable tourism development and the stimulation of employment, and with the Boutique Hotel program the qualitative upgrade of the Greek hospitality. With a significant increase in its Members, the program is dynamically moving into a new phase of extroversion with a renewed identity and brand”.


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