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Kalampaka Trikala Thessaly

Welcome to Mirabilis Boutique Hotel!

From mīror (“to marvel at”) +‎ -bilis (“-able”), from mīrus (“wonderful”)

Mirabilis Boutique Hotel is located in Meteora, Kalabaka, Greece. The property features 9 tastefully designed rooms and suites offering all the comforts and amenities that will make your stay truly wonderful.

As you walk into the lobby of Mirabilis Boutique Hotel, you are immediately struck by the stunning combination of gray and gold colors that dominate the space.

The lobby is flooded with natural light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch across one entire wall. The sunlight streams in, casting a warm glow across the space and highlighting the hearty welcome of the Mirabilis Boutique Hotel Team.

At the lobby of Mirabilis Boutique Hotel, you will find the breakfast area with a large fireplace serving breakfast made with local high-quality ingredients.

The hotel’s unique location just outside Kalabaka grants the property dramatic views of the Meteora Rocks and the monasteries.  Mirabilis Boutique Hotel is surrounded by gardens, fountains, and outdoor lounge areas that make it an ideal relaxing spot after a full touring day at Meteora.

The central concept of the architectural design on which the construction of the Mirabilis Boutique Hotel was based was the creation of a building of modern and contemporary aesthetics which will reflect the textures and colors of the wider natural landscape and environment.  Specifically, the grey of the Meteora stone, shades of natural wood as well as elements of grass green and water blue have been chosen as the basic color palette.

Combine your accommodation at Mirabilis Boutique Hotel with an array of experiences that will make your stay truly memorable

We would be delighted if you would let us arrange an experience for you and your loved ones.

  • Breakfast
  • Early or late breakfast (via Room Service) available upon request
  • Ironing facilities
  • Provision for specific nutritional needs and desires
  • Room Service (breakfast included)
  • Selection of pillows

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